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No more Mailman password reminders in the future

Wednesday, May 12th, 2010

Since the monthly password reminders of our mailing lists software Mailman have caused more confusion and unnecessary work than they seemed to help, from now on they are globally disabled on our mailing list server.

If you lost or forgot your password for the subscription of any of our mailing lists, you can always go to, choose the appropriate list, scroll down to the bottom of that page, enter your e-mail address, click on “Unsubscribe or edit options”, and then click on “Remind”. Your password will be sent to your e-mail address.

Mail Server Migration Part 2: Mailing Lists

Tuesday, February 16th, 2010

On Thursday, 18th of February 2010, starting at 5pm there will be a mail service downtime for migrating the D-PHYS and FIRST mailing lists to the new mail server. During the downtime, no new mail can be sent or received and neither access to the mailing lists’ web interface nor to the archive will be possible. E-mails sent to D-PHYS during the migration will be held back on the sender’s e-mail servers. Already received mail will be still accessible via IMAP or POP3. Update 9pm: Mailing lists moved to, everything should work fine again.

Together with the mailing list migration, there will come a policy change with regards to mailing lists:

All future mailing lists will be only “” instead of “” as before.

Already existing mailing lists will be reachable under both, old “” or “” as well as new “” addresses.