Mail Server Migration Part 2: Mailing Lists

On Thursday, 18th of February 2010, starting at 5pm there will be a mail service downtime for migrating the D-PHYS and FIRST mailing lists to the new mail server. During the downtime, no new mail can be sent or received and neither access to the mailing lists’ web interface nor to the archive will be possible. E-mails sent to D-PHYS during the migration will be held back on the sender’s e-mail servers. Already received mail will be still accessible via IMAP or POP3. Update 9pm: Mailing lists moved to, everything should work fine again.

Together with the mailing list migration, there will come a policy change with regards to mailing lists:

All future mailing lists will be only “” instead of “” as before.

Already existing mailing lists will be reachable under both, old “” or “” as well as new “” addresses.

The web interface of the mailing lists will change from and to and There will be redirects from the old addresses. In future, will be for webmail only.

If you use e-mail filter rules for one of those lists, please notice that in all mailing list mail headers (i.e. all those headers starting with “List-” as well as the “Sender” header) the list’s hostname will change from to, too. Please adjust your filter rules appropriately.

Update 9pm: What also changed were the IDs and therefore URLs of single mails in the mailing list archives. Unfortunately we can’t provide redirects for them. But for all other parts down to a month’s index, visitors will be redirected to the new location of the archive.

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