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New hardware for the laptop and lab PC backup service

Friday, August 3rd, 2012

We just replaced our ailing backup server for laptops and lab PCs inplace with new, more performant hardware using the same proven BackupPC software, just a newer version. Its web-interface is available under the same URL.

The new server will start making backups from scratch for every host. Backups on the old server will still be available for a while at the address

Our old backup server became a victim of its own success. In the end it handled backups for over 100 hosts every day (over 160 during its whole life-time) and stored about 10 Terabytes of backups.

The BackupPC server of the Institute for Astronomy is not affected.

Backup service for laptops and lab PCs

Thursday, November 20th, 2008

Since Netbackup can’t handle backups of PCs with intermittent network access (e.g. laptops or seldomly used lab PCs) nor MacOS X 10.5 or Windows Vista, there is a rising demand for backup of computers. For D-PHYS-owned laptops, laptops holding a relevant amount of ETH D-PHYS data, and for D-PHYS lab PCs, we now offer a backup service specifically targeted at computers with intermittent network access. It uses the free backup system BackupPC which does not need a local backup client to be installed on the computers to be backed up.

We ran the service in beta test for a couple of months and gathered a lot of experience with BackupPC. So we can now offer easy and regular backups of computers running any flavour of Linux and MacOS X, and—with the addition of locally installed 3rd party software (Cygwin)—also for Windows XP. Windows Vista as well as Windows XP without 3rd party software will follow. Read more about this service in our documentation wiki.