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Change in AFS Policy at ETH

Friday, March 6th, 2009

The Informatikdienste of ETH will change their AFS policy by March 31 of this year. AFS functionality will be provided through a dataless AFS cell at ETH.
If you still require an AFS account which is connected to storage you need to act now and arrange an agreement for your use or move your data to some other place. Please consider the following points:

  1. data on the ETH AFS server: This service will only be available under a contract with the Informatikdienste as a paid service. We recommend moving your data away from AFS if possible. NAS services (SMB/CIFS, NFS) are available from the Informatikdienste or the Department of Physics. Please ask the ISG D-PHYS if you need help or advice.
  2. an AFS identity as user coming from the ETH: If you own data on other AFS servers around the world that are tied to your AFS identity from ETH you may want to keep your ETH AFS identity or transfer ownership to some other AFS identity. This service will be provided by Informatikdienste as a general service free of charge but only upon request. If you need this please let us ( and know.
  3. access of AFS servers as an anonymous user: This service will continue for the foreseeable future without further action required from your side at this time.

Without a reaction from your side we assume that you don’t need an AFS account anymore and you will become an anonymous user to AFS.

Note: you can use an AFS identity from another cell if you have one. You don’t need an ETH AFS identity for that. E.g., to use your CERN AFS identity on the Linux workstations use klog -cell

Further reading: Wer braucht noch AFS??? by Tilo Steiger at the ID-Blog