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  Noiseless Linux thin clients
Thin Client Posted by Christian Herzog on Thursday February 28, @06:26PM
from the no-more-noise dept.

If a clean desk and a quiet office are more important to you than fancy 3D graphics, this one might be for you. Based on the ideas of the LTSP project, we have integrated a powerful Terminal Server into our trusty Linux setup and started rolling out cute little Thin Clients to some early adopters.

Since their feedback has been very positive, we think now is the time to publicly announce the availability of these machines. Read on for the benefits you might get from choosing one of them as your office machine...

We think the Thin Clients are interesting because

  • they have no moving parts - absolute silence!
  • while they connect to the Terminal Server on which you won't be alone, many of the other users will only read e-mail or browse the web which means that usually you'll have a big share of this powerful machine (quad Opteron, 4 gigs of RAM) at your disposal when you really need it
  • a slick device on a tidy desk
  • runs on 11 W - no heat and a quiet environmental conscience
  • no downtime in the case of a hardware problem - we will just replace the Thin Client
Sounds good, doesn't it? But as always in life, there are some drawbacks of course:
  • no 3D accelerated gfx whatsoever. 2D is working fine though (including videos)
  • no optical drives. USB sticks are working (must be partitioned though)
  • limited connectivity - one USB slot
  • for you Linux heads only. No Windows (yet), no Mac.
Well, now you know the facts. If you think this might be an alternative to your present Linux machine, talk to us. We provide some tips and tricks you might want to read.

addendum: here's some figures regarding environmental friendliness and another PDF about power consumption and pollution issues

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