Changes in printing

Update 27.11.: We now have the migration dates and final printer list here

As you might have read elsewhere, ETH will consolidate its printer fleet for cost cutting reasons. Even though at D-PHYS we already have a very efficient printing landscape, ID will enforce a uniform 30% cut across the board. We have tried to limit the impact as much as possible and still ensure a fair and even printer distribution throughout D-PHYS, but the implications will be felt by everyone.

  • 30% of all existing printers in D-PHYS will be dismantled.
  • All remaining printers will be replaced with HP hardware.
  • All those will get new generic queue names (like p-hil-hp002) that bear no indication as to the printer's location in the building.
  • Everybody will have to reinstall all printers they'd like to use in the future.
    • on managed workstations we will prepare this as much as possible.
    • on self-managed machines you'll have to follow our instructions.
  • This might be the perfect opportunity to switch over to the universal card-ethz queue that will let you forget about queue names (you can do that already now).
  • We understand that for some of you this change will significantly affect your daily work. We urge you to PLEASE not try to solve the problem by buying your own printer. Instead, please get in touch with me (Christian Herzog) so that I can collect your complaints and forward them to the person responsible for this change.

The whole process is supposed to happen in December and will be rolled out building by building. We're posting this already now as individual printers in D-PHYS have already been replaced.

We will update this post with updates as they become available.

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