Used hardware bargain bin / yard sale, part II

ISG sits on a pile of old hardware that for various reasons cannot be used in our setup any more. Various people have expressed interest in and that still might be useful for certain scenarios (e.g. lab use or tinkering at home). We will therefore host a grab-your-used-piece-of-hardware session with mostly TFT monitors (15" - 19"), a few Mac Pros (2010) and printers, free of charge for ETH-internal use, prices for private use according to the rules: Wed Oct 18 in HPT H floor, between 11:00 - 13:00.
As usual, some rules apply:

  • this goes to all D-PHYS members
  • no registration necessary. Just come by and take whatever is left.
  • all items come as they are. We do not have any details or specifications
  • there’s no warranty or service whatsoever. All devices have successfully been turned on, but that’s it
  • if your item doesn’t turn on, you can bring it back within 5 days and get a full refund (if it wasn’t free in the first place)
  • no OS, no software, no manual, no keyboard, often no cables. You get one piece of hardware. All HDs are blank
  • all proceeds go to the D-PHYS funds, not ISG
  • bring cash