Tightening access control for sending e-mail

In the past we allowed sending e-mails over the D-PHYS mailserver from everywhere inside ETH to allow D-PHYS users to send e-mail via VPN or WiFi without the need to enter a password.

However the amount of misuse of this rule in the form of sending out spam from compromised machines inside ETH but outside D-PHYS raised significantly in the last few weeks.

Due to this development, we are forced to restrict password-less sending of e-mail via the D-PHYS mail server to a few D-PHYS networks — and in the future we might tighten this even more.

For now this means that you will need to authenticate yourself with your D-PHYS account, when sending e-mail via the D-PHYS mail server from outside D-PHYS. This includes sending e-mail via the ETH WiFi networks and connections via ETH VPN. This change is effective immediately.

Please see our documentation about how to send e-mails from outside D-PHYS if you need help reconfiguring your e-mail client.