New cloud storage service

In the wake of Prism and Tempora I guess this comes exactly at the right time:

In collaboration with our colleagues at Informatikdienste we are proud to open the beta test to a new ETH-wide cloud storage service: polybox.
If you've ever used dropbox et al., you've probably come to appreciate the convenience of seamlessly sharing data from one computer or even mobile device to another via a cloud storage service. Effortless though this might be, you always have to keep in mind that your data will live ''somewhere out there'' in the cloud, and as we've learned the hard way in the last few weeks, the audience looking at your data is often larger than we think.
With polybox, this is fundamentally different: your data never leaves ETH's servers unless you carry it away yourself. In contrast to basically all other cloud storage services out there, polybox is therefore suited for storing data you don't want everybody and their cousin to read.
The service is now open to beta testers and provides 5 GB of cloud storage to every ETH student and employee. You can access your data via web frontend or install the handy sync clients that come with it. Please note that the documentation still lists some open issues (last two links in German) in the beta version, so please be prepared to provide feedback if you encounter any errors.
Please also note that polybox uses your n.ethz account and not your physics account and hence has no relation to your data at D-PHYS.

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