Mail Server Migration Part 1: IMAP/POP3

On Monday, November 16th, starting at 6pm we will migrate the D-PHYS IMAP and POP3 server to new hardware. Since this also includes converting all 450 GB of mailboxes on that server, the migration will take several hours. Update Tuesday, 2:50pm: Everything works again. The migration took about twice of the expected time due to some complications.

During the migration it will not be possible to access any of the D-PHYS e-mail services (receiving, sending or accessing your mails, webmail). E-mails sent to D-PHYS during the migration will be held back on the sender’s e-mail servers.

After the migration you may need to resynchronise your e-mail client (e.g. Apple Mail or Mozilla Thunderbird) with the new IMAP server. Please read our mail server migration wiki page in case you use one of the e-mail clients mentioned above, use your own procmail filter rules or experience other problems after the migration.

Over the next months we will move all mail services from our old mail server “wiggis” to the new mail server step by step. The upcoming migration of the IMAP and POP3 services is the first user-visible step in the whole migration process.

To make sure you always connect to our current IMAP/POP3/SMTP/Webmail server please do not use the host name “wiggis” anymore. Use only the following hostnames, even when connecting to the IMAP server by SSH for instance:

  • IMAP (incoming mail server):
  • POP3 (incoming mail server):
  • Webmail:
  • SMTP (outgoing mail server):

Webmail, SMTP (outgoing mail server) and the mailing lists will be migrated to the new mail server in later steps which will be announced separately.

Our virus and spam filters have already been running successfully on the new mail server for a few weeks.

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